Thursday, 13 December 2012

To take life by the lapels....

I'm not huge into New Years resolutions, or waiting for a Monday to begin something, be it a diet, or going to the gym and so on, why not just do it in the moment?! But something I am going to take into the New Year with me is a quote from Maya Angelou, in essence knowing that life can be a bitch but to live it anyway and live it to the full, and if anyone knows about what life can throw at you it is her.
It's not that 2012 has been bad for me, not in the slightest, I'm not its victim. The last 6 months have been quite interesting, but I want to get out there next year and really make some changes.
Before this year is out I'm going to look back at the past 12 months, appreciate it for what it has been (the pros & the woes) and decide where I want to be this time next year, I could do with being more focused.

In other news, at this time of year when I really should be buying presents for other people I'm "accidentally" buying myself Christmas gifts, so soon I will write up about the new products I have bought and what I think of them.
I'm still REALLY new to this blogging thing but I keep coming across more and more interesting blogs, and I can't wait to develop mine just hope I have the patience to stick to it.

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