Thursday, 26 September 2013

Eye can see you

So right now I am seriously into the oversize shirt look with a good pair of shoes (as if I own any 'good' shoes) and very little else.
I think on most people it can look so stylish but with really little effort. I spent last week trailing through Birmingham Bull ring with some gal pals unable to buy anything, but I did see some absolutely beauts oversize shirts. Leaving shopping feeling deflated at my lack of shopping bags but inspired by what I saw I hit the Internet in search for budget versions of what I had seen. For some reason I decided to go on the George site and see what little bargain beauties they had, and there it was!! Almost as if this shirt had been made for me, I had to buy it. This shirt was limited edition and only £18 Unfortunately for any admirers it isn't online anymore.

Well I love it and it went down a storm on my night out, by saying it went down a storm what I really mean is people seemed to feel the need to come up to me and do that weird 'I see you' finger to eye gesture. Well to be fair there would be no missing me in this garish number.
Now to find some more snappy shirts, so easy to wear with such little effort, which is most definitely my thing....low maintenance all the way!!

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