Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Spontaneous Saturdays

I had planned to stay in this weekend, save some pennies and spend some much needed time by myself, well did that happen, did it heck! In true Hannah-Jane fashion all it took was one phone call after a few ‘quiet’ beers on Friday night and I was agreeing to hop in the car Saturday morning and head on down to Bournemouth to spend the weekend with some new faces in some new places. There is nothing more I love than just saying 'Feck it lets go' obviously whilst in great company. 

After a 4.5 hour journey, listening to Motown whilst I talked too much, we finally arrived in Corfe Castle Saturday lunch time and I must say were met by some most amazing scenes. The surrounding areas of Bournemouth, Pool and Dorset didn't disappoint. I only wish I had more time to explore. However in the short time I was there I went to 3 awesome pubs, resulting in me being perma intoxicated in hindesight (pros of not being the driver), one with a fossil museum in (as you do). Saw some amazing landscapes, drank some pretty snazzy cider, had dinner at The Printing rooms in Bournemouth; one of the most amazing dinner venues I have seen for some time, and was fortunate enough to meet some lovely people. What more could you want from your weekend of ‘staying in and doing nothing’?

I realise the world of opportunity that you can open yourself up to every now and then by being that Yes person and just going for it rather than over thinking situations, something I am definitely guilty of. I have been lucky enough to meet some people in my time that have encouraged me to just take life my the lapels and go for it, so far I cant say I have been disappointed and right now I cant wait for the next adventure.....

I have a severe lack of photos from the weekend, but did enjoy a came of scrabble in a quaint little pub which I felt the need to snap!

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