Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The face behind the makeup

So I've seen a few posts about Go Bear Faced for Children In Need and I love it. I think sometimes people don't realise the turmoil some women/girls go through in showing their bare face without the security of their make-up. I certainly have a handful of friends who struggle with this a bit.

Don't get me wrong I absolutely adore getting dolled up and can be found guilty of over doing the slap in certain unforgettable moments in history (Facebook pictorial evidence wont go away!!) but I've never been that shy of bracing the outdoors and catching the eyes of strangers without some slap on. So last week I did a before and after morning makeup routine picture and even I was surprised. I actually don't look that different after all, or at least not in this picture.

What I will say I'm guilty of in the right hand side 'before' picture is dyed eyebrows. Forgive me that if you will, my eyebrows, apart from being hideously curly, similar to the hair down there....are absolutely transparent without the help of my 48 day home dye kit, my eyebrow savior!!

Having seen these two images side by side, yes my eyes look slightly tired and dull, my cheekbones aren't defined and my eyebrows aren't perfectly pruned, but I have decided I am going to wear less makeup mid week to give this poor little face a bit of a rest! There is something wonderful about the flawless complexion my MAC Studio Fix foundation gives me, but my dry skinned face will appreciate the break its screaming out for. People do tend to ask me whether I feel OK, or if I am ill when I appear naked faced if you will but they will soon get used to it, and I for one love the fact that I can stick on a white top without smearing the collar in orange. Lets see if it lasts though.....sometimes a girl just has to stick the slap on to face the day, after all you really can do anything armed with a good red lipstick and a flick of eyeliner.

Han xox

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