Tuesday, 5 November 2013

There are a couple of reason I like the Autumn, winter coats, although I really need to invest in one that actually keeps me warm. Mauled cider, I'm learning to quite like this. The smell of spiced apple and cinnamon which is now acceptable to burn in the house as Christmas is only a few weeks away now and the combination of both of those scents is basically Christmas. Wearing silly hats and layering up with scarfs; and finally Bonfire night. 

This year, as with the last couple of years I went to Kenilworth Castle. The fireworks here are put on by the The Kenilworth Round table and they always put on a good display but this year it seemed to be that little bit better. Unsure whether that was because I am in a good place right now and that meant that I really appreciating the whole thing or just that it genuinely was a brilliant display (a bit of both I think). It lasted for about 15-20 minute with the backdrop of the castle which looked absolutely stunning. Although standing there on Saturday night it felt like I was battling Gail Force winds, it was well worth the £7 entry fee and some. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Being in the cold watching the fireworks and taking a stroll through Kenilworth was a great way to spend my Saturday night away from the usual bars and clubs which I am often in, and waking up hangover free was even more of a bonus. More of these please! 

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