Thursday, 12 December 2013

5 things I'm feeling this week

I am going to try and make this post a regular thing, 5 things I'm feeling this week. 
I know its only Thursday but Friday doesn't really count does it....we all mentally finish work on a Thursday evening, at a push Friday morning. 

So my 5 things this week (in no particular order) 

1. The sounds of  Michael BublĂ© swooning Christmas songs over the radio and in the office. Yes, I know I am like 70% of all other women, but I just love his voice, and now I can listen to an entire Christmas album without a Noddy Holder song in sight. Hallelujah. I set here swaying at my desk like a fool, but it just does something to me and sets me up in a right good mood.

2. These dry sunny winter days. Although I seem to drive to work in the dark and drive home in the dark, I have a small view out of the office window of the bright day outside and I just love it. I've been a bit (massive understatement) of a misery guts lately, but waking up to a bright morning really makes all the difference, however my dad has said that 'although grey days are not the best backdrop to your life, only you can bring the sunshine to your little bit of the world', so really I shouldn't allow the weather to affect my mood. While they last now I just need to set aside some time to actually go for a walk and appreciate it all while it lasts, where is a pooch when I need one to walk??

3. Online shopping. I have never been big on shopping online, but for some reason this year I have pretty much done the entirety of my Christmas shopping online, meaning no long ques in the shops, no pushing and shoving to grab the last item on the shelf. Just me behind my computer clicking away (oh my poor bank card). Stress free......until your delivery doesn't come and the endless email exchanges begin to track the god darn thing down, can you tell I've stumbled upon this issue in recent weeks?! Must remain calm though, still a good week to guarantee delivery right?

4. Christmas jumpers. I have to say I'm rather partial to a Christmas jumper and found this years on eBay, turns outs its the 'Merry Christmas ya filthy animal' jumper that pretty much the world and his dog now owns, but I'm hoping it will amuse my Grandma and she will give me a cheeky nod of approval at least whilst round the dinner table. Unfortunately for me it's actually a smidge on the large side so in my usual generous mood, this little beauty now belongs to the other half, the lucky bugger is going to look dashing in that I know and I'll recycle last years!! I love seeing everyone in their festive knitwear, even people that you least expect to see in one suddenly rocks up in their fair isle pattern sweater taking themselves equally as seriously as before but giving a nod to the festive time of year, and that's good enough for me.

5. Pinterest. Nothing new here but I am beginning to think I'm slightly obsessed with the site. I need to become better at pinning things myself, but there is honestly no end to the useful tips and tricks you can find on there. Let alone all the good food recipes and crafty creation inspiration. I just love it, mind you my poor friends probably don't appreciate all the 'wise quotes' I am rather partial to and I spam their Facebooks with. A little too late now but next year I have decided I'm going to become a crafting goddess and everyone is sure to receive some obviously delightful home made chutneys, and handmade cards, watch this space, could be quite amusing considering how hideous I used to be at art. 
Whats everyone else loving at the moment?

Han xox

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