Monday, 23 December 2013

Party pants and Festive fun

So I haven't really done a festive post as such but this little post will do.
I'm working right up until Christmas Eve 5 pm which is when I will throw the papers on my desk in the air and sing Deck the Halls at the top of my lungs in celebration of my 7 days off. With a hop skip and jump I will be out that door ready to finally get in the spirit of things. This year I have been rather practical about things, not like me at all, and got all my shopping out the way and wrapped about 3 weeks ago. Check me out!

This past week is the only time any real festivities began for me. I had the works Christmas shindig this week at the Glee club, stand up isn't really my bag but one comedian in particular had me in stitches, am I a convert? Not yet, but it was funny for little over 30 mins.
Sunday meant the return of my beautiful sister as she is able to enjoy our family Christmas fully for the first time in 6 years!!! This can only mean great times are about to happen, twerking to Beyonce 'Drunk in Love', taking too many selfies and generally being fools, I cant wait!
For these most recent festivities I have been rocking my amazing Sainsburys floral print trousers. They are going down a storm I tell you, and good news ladies is they are in the sale right this minute at a steal at £12.50. I've never been one for trousers as my thunder thighs never really allowed them to fit right on me but these trousers are pretty spesh if I may say so.

5 things I'm feeling right now:

1. Beyonce - 'Drunk in Love'
That tune is crazy good! Makes me wanna twerk in a way that my body just wont allow to happen without looking like I'm having some sort of seizure. Regardless of that the song just makes me feel all kinds of good and its therefore it's on repeat at least 15 times a day for the foreseeable.

2. The aforementioned floral trousers

They are snappy! Need I say more? Comfortable, eye catching and teamed with a black top and blazer makes you look like you know a thing or two about fashion when really you don't (in my case at least). Also great if you want a talking point at 1am in a chicken shop following a night out, just a heads up. I should just mention that the sizing is very kind so they also make you feel good when you notice you can fit comfortably in a size smaller than you usually take, BONUS.

3. Terry's chocolate orange

It's not Terry's its mine....blah blah blah. I must have one of these once in every 5 years, and each time I'm surprised how much I love them. Is it bad if I eat the whole thing in about 8 hours whilst sat at work?

4. Cadillac Records

Watched this film for about the 4th time again this weekend. I just LOVE it, I love the music, the acting and the history. Thus resulting in me and him going out on Sunday and purchasing a pretty good collection of blues music, from Howlin Wolf to Bobby Bland and all in between.

5.  Having 8 DAYS OFF!!!

I am very much looking forward to kicking back and celebrating with all my closest family and friends, this years shindig is set to be a good one so here's to drinking too much, eating too much and laughing so hard it hurts :)


  1. Ahh Terry's chocolate orange is the perfect Christmas treat! Lovely post, hope you have a wonderful Christmas!