Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Slothing Sunday's & Manic Mondays

This weekend I went for a much needed visit to see my sister down in London.
After a long drive down there and not much sleep the night before nothing sounded more perfect than going for a lovely Sunday roast at The George in Hayes. I cant put in to words what an absolute taste sensation this meal was. I chose lamb and it was cooked to absolute perfection even though the place was absolutely packed as you would expect on a Sunday, the service, food and atmosphere could not have been better.
After feeding myself into a food induced coma my sister and I spent an afternoon doing very little but taking silly pictures and gossiping on her bed. Might not sound great but it was just what the doctor ordered.
I haven't found the transition into shorter days easy this year, I tend to suffer a bit with SAD, and seem to have quite a case of the grumps at the moment; sometimes all you need is good food and the company of your sister to really pick you up!
Before I knew it the day was over and it was Monday which meant the little one (older, but much smaller sister) and I were off into central London to meet some friends for lunch.
I haven't been feeling very festive yet, but I think that's excusable as it is only the 3rd, however seeing all the pretty lights and beautifully decorated trees up gave me some feelings of festive cheer.
We spent the day eating too much, having escalator races, playing in fountains, taking too many pictures, sharing stories and generally behaving like children and quite frankly it was very close to perfect.
Now on for another busy weeks.

Really where are they going?!

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