Friday, 10 January 2014

5 Things I'm feeling right now

Apologies for my lack of posts this week. I have a lot planned for this blog but at the same time have neglected writing in fear of the content not being as I want it. These posts however come easily to me as each week I seem to have a new obsession.
Without further ado here are this weeks 5 things

1. Rococo nail varnish 

I must admit I tend to stay away from pricey nail varnishes because I just don't think they are worth it most the time. Anything that I cant buy from a high street brand I tend to stay away from, however saying that I was lucky enough to be gifted a lovely set of Rococo Nail polishes at Christmas from SpaceNK. My mum chose the colours and she did a pretty snazzy job if you ask me.
My personal fave is this gorgeous blue/grey colour in 'Thompson blue creme'. If you want to pick up one yourself check the SPACE:NK website.

2. Kwabs

I shouldn't have to say a lot about this guy. He is an insane talent at only 23, and I'm so glad to see all his hard work and dedication to his music is paying off having been recognized as an artist hotly tipped for making it big in 2014. I wasn't lucky enough to manage to get tickets for his gigs this year as they sold out very quickly, but for anyone who appreciates the true talents of a soulful voice please check him out, I promise you wont be disappointed. 

 3. My vintage denim jacket

I just love this jacket, and it appears all my pals do too as they all seemed to wear it at some point or another when we hit the town last weekend. This one is a washed Lee jacket in medium and I just love how you can pretty much wear it with anything. The only problem is that at the moment it is just a little cold to be wearing this the majority of the time. The other problem being that every time I turn up at the boys house we are always wearing our almost matching denim jackets, dressing the same as your partner is very 80's, could we start a new trend....hmmm? I think it looks more weird then it does cute.

4. Crisp winter days 

I absolutely love these cold clear winter days. The sun shining always puts me in a good mood, but in the winter there is nothing I like more than wrapping up warm and going for a long walk, seeing your breath in the air and taking in the scenery. I'll admit though I haven't been walking enough but lets face it the weather has been pretty pants so it's not all about me being a lazy arse. 

5. NLP

Or Neuro-linguistic programming. I have heard of this previously, but since being sent a link to an interview with Jordan Belfort, the real 'Wolf of Wall Street' it spurred me on to investigate this further. I have got my hands on a copy of NLP for dummies and we shall see what I make of it. I'm all for a little self development and exploration so hopefully this will enlighten me as to how to use NLP practices on a daily basis. We shall see....

I'd love to hear what your 5 fave things are at the mo?

Han xox

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