Thursday, 2 January 2014

Here's to 2014

I'm not going to write a round up of last year as such but I just wanted to do a little post to welcome in 2014.
Last year was hectic for me to say the least, a lot went on and aside from ending the year brilliantly I am pleased to wave 2013 goodbye and embrace all the possibilities 2014 can bring.

Every year I look back on isn't looked back on with regret, just lessons learned and appreciation for what was, we all have a path and I believe that everything happens for some reason or another as the years pass
I haven't really set myself real resolutions as such this year just a few hopes for the next 12 months.
I hope to become healthier and fitter. This is something I constantly strive for but actually don't pay enough attention to, so that leads me on to my second hope.
I hope to become more dedicated and organised in areas which I want to improve. I need to give myself more time to focus on what is really important to me rather than running around like a headless chicken.
I hope to become a more authentic version of me, I want to spend some time developing myself, finding a proper vocation and spend more time on developing my career.
I hope to read more books, travel to at least 1 new country, improve this little blog with more focus and worry less.
I hope to become less materialistic and appreciate what and who I already have around me.
I'm an extremely fortunate person really for everything I have and at times I need to check myself and be far more thankful for all of that.

All very standard stuff really. I have loved reading everyone's end of year blogs that I follow, and am keen to read more if anyone wants to head me in the right direction.

Han xox

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