Wednesday, 22 January 2014

LDN - Blues music and one too many bottles of red

This past weekend I went down to London to visit a few pals and frequent a few drinking establishments as you do. 
We had plans of going to 'Ain't Nothin' But The Blues' on Friday night in Soho and going to a friends party on Saturday but luckily we managed to fit in a bit more than just that; which actually was quite a miracle seeing as I was battling being perma hungover (entirely my fault I know) for pretty much the entirety of the 3 days, and packing the most hideously inappropriate footwear resulting in me looking like I didn't quite know how to use my legs correctly after walking miles around London town, but I powered on and didn't moan too much, because, well that's what I do.  

We wanted to go to 'Ain't nothin but the Blues' because recently I have developed quite an amateur fascination with blues music and had read about this cute little blues bar on Trip Adviser. The reviews were great and I really wanted to go so in a mad rush we were able to get there just before 8.30 to beat the queues which I had read about online. It's free if you get there before 8pm but £5 thereafter, but I really don't think anyone should see that as an issue when you witness the talent that plays in the bar, and the great atmosphere. 

The place itself is tiny, and you are quite tightly packed in but don't let that worry you because you are never waiting more than 5 minutes to be served at the bar, and I should just say the staff are super efficient and really friendly, another absolute plus for this awesome find. From what I recall the music began at about 10 but I will admit I may have had one too many red wines and J√§germeisters to be completely clear on that. The band who performed were really great and the set went on for hours, so much bang for your buck it's unbelievable. 

To sum it up the music is phenomenal, the staff were super helpful and friendly, even helping me take selfies because they really are there to tender to your ever need, and the bar snacks looked pretty awesome too. The drinks are reasonably priced and you will meet people from all walks of life in the bar. If you want to check out the music, they have an endless supply of really talented musicians lined up performing throughout the week days and weekend. Its worth a visit and you wont be disappointed, if you are, blame me, and then I'll blame the wine.  

Excuse the pics, I need to invest in a decent camera but for now they will have to do. 

Han xox

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