Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Diner Spitalfields

Seeing as all we seemed to do this past weekend was eat and drink, nothing wrong with that let me just say, hells no, but it means I now have another London food related posts for you lovelies. So I'm sure I'm a little slow on the uptake when it comes to The Good Life Diner in Spitalfields but this weekend we stumbled upon this treasure trove of American goodies in a bid to not being the only pair of people sitting in Wagamamas, although I do like me some wagamamas ooooweeeee.

So basically in short The Diner is the absolute shizniz, I will definitely be returning to bury my face in their tasty delights. There was so much good food on the menu I'm going to visit at least 10 more times, and next time with more people so I can steal a little taste off their plates. Seeing as it was just the two of us we made a pretty good dent in the menu, thankfully Samuel was far more adventurous than I was so I got to try something new in the form of waffles, roasted bananas and bacon with maple syrup....seriously where is my bib, I'm dribbling a bit over here just thinking about it. We also shared some good old Chilli Cheese Fries which were equally as filthy!!

Whilst he munched on that I went for good old Mac and Cheese. I am a bit of a cheese nut it has to be said and although this sounds pretty boring, when I saw it on the menu I just had to have it. Anyways enough about the food, I cant cope because I don't have bacon and waffles sitting in front of me whilst I write this. Not only do they have a million and one things to choose from the service is also great. We asked a waitress for recommendations and she couldn't have been more helpful, same can be said for the bar staff too whilst we were waiting for a table.

Just a little advisory, the drinks are rather pricey which is all well and good, it is London after all, but some damage control needs to take place when you are rather relaxed on a Saturday afternoon and have found your new favorite tipple in the form of Rogue Beer in Sams case and at £7.50 a bottle it was a little stinger when we got the bill at the end having sunk 5 of the things. That didn't spoil anything though, I'll just be a bit more aware when deciding to get a little sloshed on a lazy Saturday to rein it in. The food, atmosphere and staff were the shiz so I'm going back, shame they don't do any Man Vs Food challenges, I'd be all over that!!!

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