Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The power in positive thinking

I really do believe in the power of positive thinking, I'm one of those who buys into a lot of the self help type positive theories that are out there. It all started during my A-Levels when I feared I may have an actual breakdown of sorts my mum introduced me to 'The Secret' and I've never looked back. I've read the book numerous times, I've watched the DVD and I've purchased the second & third books by Rhonda Byrne. I've read other books too such as 'The happiness project' and others but I kind of like 'The Secret' because you can pretty much pick it up, flick to any page and give yourself a little reminder to keep a positive mindset.

With all that being said, I for one know that it's sometimes easier said than done to be jolly and look for the sunny side in every situation. Sometimes I enjoy wallowing in self pity for a while, putting on some Ray LaMontagne and feeling like the world is against me, but I never let it last that long. With daily emails coming through to me from all these positive thinking sites I seem to have signed up for at one time or another I'm never far away from a reminder to snap out of it. I'm also blessed with friends and family who seem to know exactly what to say to to get me out my funk.

My dad always says we all wouldn't be living if life didn't throw a spanner in the works every now and then but having a tool kit to go to when the proverbial hits the fan is one way of dealing with it. Some people don't buy into the whole inspirational quotes thing but I do, I like it and its just one part of my tool kit to not let things get the better of me. Life isn't a dress rehearsal and the years are literally disappearing before my eyes, so I don't have time to be miserable. What is it they say 'What don't break me will make me!' Well here's to that!!!!

I'm always looking for new books to read or sites to visit so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know. I could do with adding to my tool kit right about now!

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