Friday, 7 February 2014

5 Things I'm feeling right now

It's that time again, this weeks 5 things I'm feelings right now...

1. A little restaurant called Crust in Solihull

This place is a little gem! Not only do they do some pretty awesome and unbelievable food challenges, the rest of the food here is pretty great too if you love pizzas, burgers and nachos. This week Sam and I visited Crust with some of his work friends who all wanted to take on the Mr Big burger challenge. What does the burger consist of I hear you ask? Well this is a monster of a burger including 3 steak burgers, american cheese, pulled pork, bacon, salad, coleslaw and fries. The challenge is you have only 20 minutes to eat the whole lot!! I would swear to you it was impossible but the pictures on the walls of those big bellied winners would indicate otherwise. Meat sweats, chronic indigestion and becoming a little clogged up is surely the price you have to pay for chowing this monster down in 20 minutes. Although non of the challengers who we went with completed The Mr Big, they all said it tasted great, and although the size put me off it really did look delicious. If you live around the Birmingham area be sure to give this place a go, it was fairly busy for a Tuesday night which is a sure fire sign I'm not the only one who thinks its a pretty cool little place.

2. The George at Asda sale!!!!

Not sure what the general consensus on George at Asda is but I cant fault it. The clothes always last for me and wash really well, so yesterday when I had an hour to kill I decided to have a mosey around. Absolutely kicking myself that I had no money to spend as there was some real steals in here. I did however splash out on some pretty nifty Dumbo print PJ bottoms. I think they are pretty cute, and they are really really warm, and to boot they were only £4!!! It's alright for a 25 year old to walk around wearing cartoon PJs isn't it?

3. Sara Bareilles

I first heard of Sara when we all heard 'Love song' on the UK radio. This week I decided to take a little listen to her newest album on Spotify and I wasn't disappointed. If you are after chipper uplifting songs sung beautifully with an equal mix of slower thought provoking melodies then give 'The Blessed Unrest' a listen. 


This app is awesome!!! I want to say that a little louder THIS APP IS AWESOME. Why so? well its full of loads of at home and at the gym work outs from Yoga, full body workouts and Treadmill workouts. Its completely free and really is a great addition to your smart phone if you are wanting to exercise on the go. I plan to give the Yoga a go tomorrow so I'll let you know how I get on. 

5. Bloggers/blogging

Although I have had this blog for over 5 years now I have never given it my full attention. It is definitely a work in progress but whenever I come across a little hurdle and reach out to fellow bloggers on twitter, the majority of the time people are just so helpful! I'm giving myself the whole of 2014 to really invest some time and attention into making this blog what I want it to be, but even at this stage each little milestone I hit really does give me a little lift and I love the feeling of being in a supportive group of bloggers online. Now time to make this bigger and better! 

What are the 5 things your feeling right now?

Han xox

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