Monday, 3 February 2014

A change is gonna come

In my previous post I mentioned about the power of positive though and learning to look for positives in the face of tough situations or big life changes but today I want to talk more about the practical reality of dealing with change however big or small. I wish I could practice what I preach but non the less I'll give this post a bash and see if anyone can relate.

Whether we like it or not a change is gonna come in life. At the moment I'm facing a change in my circumstances in life and love and I'm trying to think practically about how I am going to face these challenges head on and not let them make me all kinds of Bat Shit Cray. When sober I'm currently 50% composed but after a few ales the number changes to a whopping 90% cray.

My wise Dad once said
'The thing is though, all future events are unknown, we just think what we have will continue in more or less the same direction with little changes here and there, The reality is that we often get bored when nothing changes and in fact we end up creating the change ourselves'. 

This little text message from my Dad put so much in perspective for me, it stopped me blubbering in my pillow and helped me pull myself together!! Here I was thinking that the world was against me when in actual fact you just have to come to terms with knowing that change will come no matter what you do, whether planned or unplanned, that it just the way this wonderful thing we call life happens. There are loads of ways to deal with change but I knew for me that I have to developed a more positive attitude to my change in circumstances and I need to think of practical ways in which I was going to cope.

What is my bump in the road do you wonder? Well I am faced with my wonderful boyfriend taking up an amazing job opportunity in Sweden, so amazing that he has to go and I am going to support him 1000%. But what can I do over here while he is over there sitting in saunas, eating meatballs? What practical things can I actually do to cope with this wonderful ginger man whom I have shared some awesome adventures with suddenly being an ocean away from me I ask myself... well below are a few things that I plan to focus my attention on and non of which include watching love actually whilst sipping on a bottle of Red.

My mini goals:

  • Read more: Spending more time by myself and learning to love it, always been something I have wanted to get better at. 
  • Exercise more: The best way to release endorphins and those happy hormones, however awful getting up and hitting the gym before work feels, I know I will reap the benefits both mentally and physically. 
  • Save some pennies: I'm not going to replace Sam-less weekends with going out all the time and getting all kinds of drunk, I need to save those pennies by doing the above to buy me a ticket to the land of meatballs and Volvos. 
  • Watch more movies: this sounds ridiculous but I'm not the best at spending time on my billy so absorbing myself in films should help. Watch out I might start writing reviews....
  • Develop my career: I plan to spend more time studying marketing and thus help me develop my skills within work and give it my all. 
  • Sort out my living situation: I need to find me some new place to live, a place where I will want to have long Skype sessions with Samuel, read all these books and study marketing, now just to find this nest. 
I cant be sure any of these things are going to happen but having a PMA (positive mental attitude) and a list of ambitions and goals for myself is the best way I think I'm going to be able to cope with this little bump in the road.

How do you cope with the inevitable changes life likes to throw at us, any tips for me ladies and gents?

Han xox 

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