Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Life lately

I haven't had much time lately, but desperately don't want to neglect my little space over here on the interweb so thought I would check in today.
I seriously don't know where the weeks go sometimes and I never seem to be able to catch up with myself, but I can't complain because I'm often lucky enough to be having a silly amount of fun.

I mentioned on an earlier post that I had visited Brighton Tattoo Convention a couple of weekends ago. I had planned on doing a post about it but seeing as I can't get my hands of any of the pictures I think I may have to give it a miss. In brief though we had a great time, battled the storms, wind and rain and saw what the place had to offer. Brighton seems like a lovely place and there is definitely loads to see but I have to say I still feel an affinity with York, so I'm sorry Brighton in this case you loose, even if the sun did come out to play on the Sunday and the bacon sandwich was incredible by the sea...

This past weekend I went to London to say some farewells to Samuels friends he moved to the UK with and as always is the case we had a brilliant time exploring new places. On Friday we went to Street Feast at Dalston Yard. This place was pretty cool, I treated myself to a yummy Burrito which was so so so tasty, a bacon brownie (yeah, its sounds odd but this was the biz) and some local beer. All in all we ate, drank and had a merry time. If you have never been but like the idea of a casual drink with some tasty street food I can definitely recommend going to have a look. £3 door fee....just sayin!

And this week Samuel leaves for Sweden and I move house, so its all pretty much full steam ahead!! I have packed my room up and am ready for my new little adventure. I'm spending my last few hours with Samuel trying to enjoy them as much as possible. I have already booked myself 2 flights over to Sweden for March and April so there is loads to look forward to which is my silver lining for no longer having my best friend 20 miles down the road from me.

I appreciate this is a bit of a boring post but I have treated myself to a new laptop this week, brucey bonus from work was very welcomes, so I am hoping to spend my new found free time on this blog and hopefully have some adventures to share with you.

At the moment I am....

Travelling to: Sweden, well soon I am
Eating: Too much Mexican
Listening to: Asgeir - Kings and Queens, I love it and you should definitely check it out
Styling: A blowdry! My hair now look alright for 3 days without straighteners, its a revelation!!
Going to: Sam Smith on Friday and I cant ruddy wait, that man has a voice of an angel
Reading: The happiness project, spirits must remain high and this is one little way to help
Lusting after: Digital cameras, £300 please enter my account so I can take pretty pictures
Purchasing: George at Asda bed linen, such pretty prints and oh so affordable.

If anyone has any tips on the best digital camera for a novice let me know it would be really helpful

Han xox

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