Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ta Ta January....Hello February

I'm 4 days late but my god its February already!! Someone pinch me, where did last month go? If the speed at which January passed me by is a sign of the year to come the next 11 months are going to fly by before my eyes, no sure if I find this exciting or a little scary.

January was good to me, lovely weekends filled with friends old and new, exploring new local bands and discovering new eats and some pretty cool places. There was no snow.....yes snowball fights and snow angels can be cute and all that but who wants an ice cold butt? No snow is a good thing for me because I have a track record of bumping my car or any car I am passenger in for that matter the minute there is even the slightest sign of snow/ice. So yeah, snow can DO ONE as far as I am concerned. That being said if we have traded the snow for all this shite flooding then that really sucks!! I feel really awful for these poor people whos homes have been ruined, I cant even imagine.

But what is February going to bring? Well hopefully the rain has stopped and the sun is going to crack through those fluffy clouds for one. I move house which means I have to start packing my crap and dealing with the shame of coming to terms with the fact I am a slight hoarder. Not the kind of dirty, cant see the floor hoarder, just the kind who buys all sorts of 'useful stuff' they never use. I really best start packing....24 days and counting!! I'm excited, but more about that in another post involving my (sometimes hilarious) experiences of living in a house share.

February is also the month for lovers being the month that involves Valentines day. This can be such a sucky time for singles, trust me I've been there, head under duvet ignoring the date. Singletons just know that braced with a good bottle of wine, some pals and some trashy TV this years should pass you by in a flash and it doesn't mean there isn't someone out there wishing that they had met someone like you, just you wait! For those of us coupled up, my advice, don't buy into the whole commercialism of this darn affair! Yes its nice to have a whole day in the year for an all out romantic cheese fest but why wait for 14th of Feb to show that special someone you care and are bat shit crazy in love with them? It's sometimes the small things that count at the most random of times, why not go make them a tea now for no particular reason?

Now I've stopped being all 'Mrs I Know Best' and things I'm thinking about how I'm going to take on this wonderfully short month. I would usually love this 28 day affair , pay day comes quicker, I have two family birthdays to look forward to etc etc, but for me this is a month for planning the next months ahead and sucking up all the time I can with the boy that I can get my hands on, a little bitter sweet. That being said we have a Tattoo convention and weekend away in Brighton planned which should keep us busy and open our eyes to new places and faces. I also have cheeky trip to see Sam Smith planned which I am absolutely STOKED about and cant come quick enough.

What has February got in-store for you?

Han xox

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