Thursday, 13 February 2014

You've got specs appeal

This week I collected my new specs from Specsavers and I was super excited to say the least. Hard to imagine when you find out that I have had to wear glasses since I was a chubby little 3 year old. My glasses revolution has been somewhat comical. I have gone from good old coke bottle top thick rimmed white frames with the ABC on, to Dame Edna style retro frames and everything in between.

When I was a youngen I used to boycot the fact I had to wear glasses by 'accidentally' misplacing them, several occasions of an unfortunate accident involving sitting on my frames and snapping them in two and so on, but now I love the fact that I can legitimately add an extra accessory to my outfit.

To say I like glasses is an understatement. If money was no option I would be the glasses equivalent of a shoe hoarder but unfortunately by bank balance doesn't stretch to 50 pairs of glasses. The other issue is that ever since I can remember my prescription has changed, so I cant go pick up last years specs and rock them for a while because I would probably be walking into things and putting eyeliner on my eyebrows. Never the less each year I do treat myself to the good old Specsavers 2 for 1 glasses, and this week I collected the wonderful frames which will grace my face for 2014. I chose the awesomely retro Gok Wan 54's  and some beaut French Connection 108's 
What do you think? I was feeling the retro vibe with the darker frame on top and lighter on the bottom?

I do love both pairs, I cant deny that, but wearing glasses doesn't come without its trials and tribulations. You see my prescription means that my eyes are magnified to a silly degree hence almost filling the frames (see above, and don't laugh). This means that trying on the frame is all hunky dory but when I go and collect them with my lenses in, they look somewhat different, and I am always a little disappointed but that's just one of those things. Another slight issue is the fact that again my prescription also means I have quite thick lenses (bless my 3 year old self before the days of lens thinning), although I now have my lenses thinned I still struggle with the weight of glasses after wearing them for 10 hours straight. Often finding myself propping them off the bridge of my nose by lifting the arms behind my ear.

Anyway it is what it is and I do get to wear these gorgeous 2 new additions. I just hope I don't look back in years to come wondering why on earth I rocked such 'Fashionable' frames. I may not have much sex appeal but one thing is for sure I have Specs appeal in these new beauties.

Anyone have an recommendations of any boutique glasses shops that I should check out?

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