Tuesday, 11 March 2014

5 Things I'm Feeling

Before I get round to this weeks 5 things I'm feeling I'm sure you will have noticed that I have a new layout!!! I'm super stoked by this little smarten up I have had and it was done by the wonderful Laura over at Hello Wonderful. It took Laura such a short amount of time to give my page a face lift and I'm really happy with it so with definitely be talking to Laura when I next need some creative genius help.

I have neglected this blog more than I would like this last week and have a list of things I want to blog about that is longer than my arm so hopefully I am going to get back on track. Any how lets get down to it...

1. Topshop beguiled lipstick

Have I mentioned this before? I don't know but the moral of the story is I love this colour!! I was so kindly gifted this by my sister last October and unfortunately put it through the washing machine and ruining several of my clothes (that was a bloody nightmare) but anyway I went out and quickly bought it again. I know it's becoming all spring like and things and maybe this colour is a bit moody and wintery but I love it and want to try and wear it a little longer before I turn to all the corals and pinks.

2. Mo - No Mythologies

I love this girls music! Apologies for not writing the name correctly but I cant seem to find the darn button to make that happen. This album gets me bopping around my room and I keep finding myself playing it driving along in the sun on long journeys.

3. Psychologies Magazine

I love that day of each month when the new issue comes out. I can honestly read this magazine cover to cover. As I have said before I am heavily into self discovery, self help books, learning about spirituality and the like and this magazine has a little bit of all those things. There is always something in the magazine I can take away from it, or an article about some research which I will want to look into further. If your into the same sort of stuff as me, give it a go.

4. Spring

The Spring is here!!! I know the date confirms this but the weather does too and this cheers me up like nothing else!! I love the fact that I can legitimately wear my gorgeous new Next sunglasses and shed my coat. I also bought myself some daffodils and crack open the window when I get home to get the gorgeous spring air in and my mood is instantly lifted. By default from moving house just over a week ago I seem to be having a week long spring clean but that can't be a bad thing right?! Cleaning everything, sorting though cupboards and my wardrobe and ebaying is giving me some focus and peace of mind which at the moment I need. Long may this productive side of me continue hey!!

5. Supermarket Home departments

Thats a really rubbish heading but I'm not sure how else to put it. Since moving, the only place I have found myself buying my new home decors are supermarkets. I have recently bought such cute candles, decorations and bedding from both Sainsburys and Asda and they are all so cheap. I would definitely say both Asda and Sainsburys are way ahead of the game in terms of this sort of thing over the likes of Tesco. The only problem is I'm trying to stop filling my small space with more and more heart shaped decorations and yet every time I do a food shop something sneaky ends up in my trolley. Here is a little sneak peak of some of my supermarket buys.

The storage boxes were £6 from Sainsburys, the frames were £1.50 each and the candle was £2. There is also an oil burner behind the picture and that was only £4. Can anyone say BARGAIN!!!

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