Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Birthday Celebrations: Chapter One Locksbottom

This past weekend I spent with my Mum and Sister to celebrate my Mum turning 55 years young. I think you will agree she is pretty fly for her age and her outfit was bang on trend! Way to go Mumma.
We went to the Spa and decided in order to celebrate her birthday in style we we would visit Chapter One Restaurant in Locksbottom which is very close to where my sister lives. This restaurant has a Michelin Star and it lives up to everything you would hope for in such a place.

When we arrived we were shown to a table within the bar area and given the cocktail Menu. As soon as I heard that the special that day was a mixed berry Mojito I was sold! No kidding I could have drank several of the things but I don't think it was the kind of place where it would be socially acceptable to crawl in a drunken stupor to your table so I stuck with just the one. Along with the drinks came olives and nuts and I'm a right sucker for olives so I was already loving this place from the get go.

When it came down to the food and we had moved into the dining area we decided to pick 3 courses from the diner menu. I decided to go for Treacle Cured Loch Duart Salmon to start, Pork Belly for my main and Vanilla Cheesecake with Rhubarb Sorbet for desert.
As you would expect everything tasted out of this world, why can't I eat here everyday!? When the bill came they bought along to the table a lovely little plate with a mini cake and candle on for my Mum, which was a really nice touch and a plate of homemade truffles which were pretty delicious.  It certainly didn't feel appropriate to be taking pictures in here, it wasn't stuck up at all, the staff were super friendly and really attentive but I didn't feel very comfortable whipping my Iphone out to grab a picture so I did my best and what arrived at our table is shown in the very poor quality pics below which don't do it justice at all unfortunately. The flash was most definitely off so I didn't light up the room and have all eyes on me.

I thought at £38.50 each for the 3 courses it wasn't so bad at all. You won't get food like this in every town or on every high street so it's a nice thing to do when you have something to celebrate. If you live or are visiting around Kent then I highly recommend finding a reason to go and dine in this place, you absolutely wont be disappointed.

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