Thursday, 20 March 2014

Happy First Day Of Spring

Happy first day of spring to any of you out there reading this! Today may mark the official first day of spring but it has certainly felt spring like to me for the last couple of weeks. The sun has been shining, I have been able to venture outside without a coat, shock horror, I have enjoyed a cheeky cider out in a pub garden and I have daffodils in full bloom brightening up my room.

I've never really thought much about how much I like spring but turns out I really do. I love the fact that I'm not driving home in the dark after work, and there is still a couple of hours of daylight each evening which means more play time in my book. I'm looking forward to the clocks springing forward next weekend even though we do loose a dreaded hour. I used to get so confused when I would be out in a bar/club and the clocks would change, having to leave the club early due to licensing laws used to pee me off no end. Next weekend though promises to be a bit more of a quiet affair.

Just in case you don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, I have spammed the hell out of them all, I am travelling to SWEDEN tomorrow to visit Samuel! I can't BLOODY WAIT! I'm one of those really irritating long distance relationship people, I do try and contain my excitement a tiny bit....promise. I'll share the weekends adventures next week.

I certainly have a spring in my step as I welcome in the first day of Spring. Do you?

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