Monday, 31 March 2014

Love where you live: Blighty Bazaar

This weekend proved to be a quiet one by my standards, but it gave me time to bumble about and go at a slower pace than I normally would which wasn't such a bad thing. The weather was stunning and I enjoyed an afternoon playing with puppies drinking Prosecco in the garden, you can't complain at that.

Sunday was of course Mothers Day and in the absence of my own mother I paid a visit to my Grandma, armed with chocolates and flowers, I'm sure she was pleased to see me. After catching up over a coffee I said my goodbyes and headed into town for an amble on my own while I had some time to kill which led me into the doors of Blighty Bazaar in Leamington Spa.

Having lived in the same town most of my life, I seem to stop seeing things that perhaps a visitor would appreciate and Blight Bazaar was one of those occasions.

I've passed the shop a couple of times but this time I wondered in, curiosity got the better of me and I'm so glad it did. I must have spent a good 30 minutes looking at everything they had in this tardis of vintage goodies. It seemed that behind each corner was another room or a coffee shop, the place was endless. The shop houses pieces from over 100 different sellers, which is awesome seeing as it is really only one of a couple of vintage shops we have in the town.

There was vintage clothing, furniture, vinyl, and decorative ornaments, so much to see, sensory overload (in a very good way)!!! It reminded me of a place you would be lucky to have in a bigger city and yet it was right here on my doorstep. Each little section you came across usually had information of who the seller was and if you make a purchase you will be supporting local businesses which is obviously a great thing in any town.

I unfortunately didn't end up buying anything, I'm teaching myself to show some restraint slowly but surely, even though there were so many things that took my fancy. I did however sneak a couple of pics of some of the cute displays. I'll definitely be back for another nose around.

I love finding new places in the town where I live. For a small town it really has loads to offer. If you ever head over to the Warwickshire area, be sure to pay this place a visit, it's well worth it!

Do you have any stand out places to visit in your town?

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