Monday, 3 March 2014

Moving In, Moving on

Well this week flew by before my eyes. As I have mentioned too many times before, this weekend amongst seeing the amazingly talented Sam Smith and eating a mountain of Wagamamas,  I moved house! I say house but I really mean room.
I have learnt so much from my time living in a house share with SEVEN people, I am going to share those experiences in another post which will hopefully give some people some belly laughs, but for now I thought I would share a little bit about the move and where I'm at now.

Basically to start with it appears to be 1000 times better than where I was before, I'm sharing with 1 other and I have my own bathroom (does a dance)! The place is super quiet, nicely decorated, and to boot I don't think there will be anyone locking themselves in the bathroom for 8 hours asleep on the floor!!! Dad (also known as hero) strikes again, and it only took us 2 hours to move from one place to the other, because I'm of course super organised and that....hmmm, and then we popped out for some lunch followed by half a tonne of ice cream on me to say a huge thank you for all his help. It was actually a fairly decent Sunday indeed.

What moving showed me was that I have a disgusting amount of clothes and toiletries, I said this last time I moved and I actually think its got worse. I'm going to try the rule of if I want to buy something new I must sell something old. I've been loving a bit of eBay at the moment and hopefully I'll continue to shift some of my old stuff. I clearly have a spending issue or am a bit of a hoarder because the sheer volume of stuff is frankly embarrassing.

After coming back from lunch I still had a fair bit of sorting to do and the only way to do that was with Hannah's little helper, Marks and Spencer Mojito in a can because I'm classy like that. They went down a little too easy at 5pm and helped me with the mammoth task at hand. Wonder why I was asleep by 9....

I had already bought some new things for this new room, and I love the way making it my own has turned out. I have my numerous heart decorations up pretty much everywhere, my gorgeous Ikea bedding on, pictures of my loved ones around and enough candles to light up a small town and its pretty much perfect right now.

I waved goodbye to my favourite on Friday and I think that moving on Sunday was the perfect distraction. I was so over living in my last place I'm looking forward to this next chapter. Something about this feels like starting a fresh and I'm going to spend my time focusing myself on whats now important to me and hopefully gaining some direction. Want a little sneak peak into the new abode...?


  1. I am in LOVE with those bed covers <3 NEED me some.

    I have a couple new posts up and a giveaway to win D&G Sunglasses, if you would like to catch up on my latest posts xx

  2. Think they are still on sale and an absolute bargain!! :)