Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Swedish Adventures: Göteborg City Part 1

This weekend was pretty much awesome. In the words of my Sam, up there with the greats!

With Sam now based in Sweden, apart from the standard, wishing he was in England with me, it opens up the door for so many new adventures, and this weekend was the first of what I hope, many.

I thought I would let you in on some of the weekends adventures, and give some of you the heads up of some cool places to check out if ever your travels take you to this lovely city.


I arrived super early on Friday morning, having been up and about since 2 am, but I was as enthusiastic as ever as the wheels hit the tarmac. Arriving so early also meant we had the whole day ahead of us to explore which was fantastic. My first impressions of the country from stepping out of the shed, sorry I mean airport, was that it wasn't as cold as I had anticipated. The scenery was picturesque some of the houses looking really rather quaint.

First on the agenda once I had dropped my bag off was to go and pick up the City passes that Sam had bought for us before he moved so we could explore the tourist attractions together for the first time. The pass is a great idea and really saves you some money. It allows you entry to many of the city museums (there are loads) and use of the trams and other public transport. We decided on the 48 hr pass (there is a choice of 3 ranging from 2 days, 4 days to a week) so our exploring started at 2.30 on Friday and lasted through to 2.30 Sunday, first stop.....The Universeum.

The Universeum is a science museum with 7 floors to explore from aquariums to an indoor rainforest. The idea is that you can learn about Swedish countryside and everything in between. There are birds, monkeys, snakes, sharks and many more different animals to see. My personal fave was the little monkey friend I made on the way. I could have easily popped him in my pocket, what a cutie! Although I would say it is basically a place most suited to children, I really enjoyed it but thats probably because I'm really just a big kid myself.

Next stop was the Gothenburg Museum of World Culture which is right next door! Unfortunately at the time there was only one exhibition on, which was a little disappointing as I was really looking forward to it, but non the less we popped in and explored the Africa is a Great Country exhibit. Very close to Sams heart as it featured the promise land (SA). It featured loads of huge photos of snapshots of different African Countries. It was really quite interesting. You could see the building was nice just a shame there wasn't more to see, I will definitely go again when the renovations are complete.

Two museums explored and after hopping on numerous trams in the wrong direction, walking the entire length a breadth of the city and pit stopping for a nice cold pint or two (at £6 a pint you know your never going to drink the afternoon away) we decided to look for somewhere to eat. The city has loads of nice restaurants and again it is very expensive but we found a lovely little French/Italian restaurant and tucked into some delicious homemade pizzas before calling it a night.

It was a brilliant Friday, definitely one to remember and I was very much looking forward to seeing what Saturday and Sunday had in store.


  1. This was so nice and cute! Loved the pictures too! Will there be a part two to this? :)

  2. Hi Meghan, there will be a part 2 yes. Still have Saturday and Sundays adventures to tell you about :)