Friday, 28 March 2014

Swedish Adventures: Göteborg City Part 2

Saturday and Sunday showed no sign of letting up on the activities which was fine by me because I wanted to see as much as possible whilst I was there.

We got up bright and early and the sun was shining, always the best way to start the day! To kick the day off the first thing on our agenda was the cities bus tour. It was actually the first time the tour was running this year as the weather is just starting to behave itself.

The tour is definitely worth going on if you like to learn about the history of the place you're staying in and it also helps you get a feel for what is around you that you might miss has you not gone on the tour. The bus would normally stop and drop you off at places of interest but on Saturday it was single trip around the city, fine by me as we had walked for miles on Friday.

Once we hoped off the bus an hour later we decided next stop was a place called Haga. Haga is renowned for its picturesque wooden houses and has been described as a trendy suburb of the town with old cobbled roads and nice places to eat and drink. So next stop....FOOD!

We found an awesome little cafe on one of the streets called Socker Skorpan. There was a girl making waffles outside, surrounded by loads of other cakes which all looked amazing, that was enough to lure me in. Inside the cafe is decked out like an old cottage and was incredibly popular with people queuing to find a table. We were the lucky ones so let the eating commence!

After plodding around the city for some time we decided to call it a day.

Sunday came by in a flash and we decided we would visit the coast about a 45 minute drive away. Having taken a few wrong turns, almost definitely driving up a one way street and almost getting lost we finally made it to the island of Tjörn. Tjörn is the 6th largest island in Sweden and we were headed to the capital Skärhamn.

Skärhamn is a popular destination for tourists from both Sweden and Norway in the summer with many people arriving by boat. It's really popular to take a dip in the beautiful waters, but I didn't fancy my chances in March. I might be pursueded come summer when we visit again. Never knew I had a fear of hights until I climed the diving deck and my legs turned to jelly! 

The morning was abosultely stunning and we did our fair share of wondering around to take in all the scenery. If you are ever in Göteborg and have access to a car I can highly recommend the drive over there, you really won't be disappointed. 

Before we knew it they day was drawing in and it was almost time for me to hop on my plane back home. I couldn't have asked for more from a visit and I'm so glad I had a reason to explore the city. If it's somewhere on your list of places to visit, GO! There is loads to see and do, just make sure you save up before hand ;) 

Until next time Sweden!!

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