Monday, 24 March 2014

Time to shift some serious timber

Just recently in the past 6 months I have put on some serious timber, cushion for the pushin, jelly, chubs, or just plain old pounds, whatever you want to call it! This would be a non issue if I was happy with the way I felt, but I'm not so I need to get a grip, stop ignoring it and do something about it. At the moment it really seems to be that each week I step on the scales and the numbers go up.....

I could do a serious long post about my history with weight loss etc etc, you name it, I've tried it. There are a million and one helpful sights out there so I will leave the experts to the nitty gritty. But let's just say I have lost some serious stones several times, leaving me in excess skin hell but hey ho this is me like it or lump it (get it?). I've lost weight ranging from 6 stones in 9 months when I was 18 on Lighter life, gaining it all again (that diet just isn't realistic, or at least not for me, and certainly not when just after I joined uni and was on the beers). Another 5 stone doing the Atkins diet, and through various other drugs and practices. I am now a good 4 stone heavier than my lightest, but 6 stone lighter than my heaviest, and right now I want to loose about 3 stone. Does that make any sense?

I am, and always have been a big girl, 5'8, never smaller than a 14 even at my lightest. After all my years of experience and with all the diets I have tried I know that I won't get anywhere without good old exercise. I maintained my weight on 500 cals a day only on Lighterlife at one point during the course because I stopped hauling myself to the gym. To me that is crazy, but turns out I just have to get my ass on that darn treadmill. I also know that those lovely carbs are my darn ENEMY! My body just doesn't like them at all. I swear if I eat just one sandwich a day at lunch time for a week I'll have gained 3lbs when I step on those scales of doom!!

Which is why I am now going to get a hold of myself and head to the hell hole (also know as gym) and stop eating pretty much anything which is white and delicious. I did the Atkins diet for about 6 months before and lost a shed load of weight, so I know it works for me and I just have to bite the bullet. The first week is the hardest I know and I just need to get over that so wish me luck!!

The key to changing the way we eat (I abolutely hate the word diet) is being properly prepared and in my bid to be prepared I popped to the supermarket and someway and somehow I dropped £45 on my supplies for the week, on the plus side I have loads of healthy veggies to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Don't start on why I haven't learnt from all my years of my weight going up and down but hey ho, this post marks the start of that journey once again, and I knew that posting this would be a sure fire way to get the ball rolling. I plan on sharing the journey over here on my little piece of the internet as a way of not only keeping myself motivated but hopefully others too. 

I thought I would share some pictures for you to have a nosey over, as usual when I was my largest I never had a full length picture but this was the best I could find. 

The first pic of me is almost at my heaviest (and yes with the most awful hair going). This was on a holiday to Barbados where I was nicknamed 'Vanilla' and appeared to be somewhat of a hit with the local men on the beach, turns out they like blonde hair and a little extra behind if you catch my drift.

The two pictures in the middle are me at my lightest, firstly at the lighter life ball and then last summer, although I do seem to resemble somewhat of a lollipop.

And the picture at the bottom is me now :) 

So here goes nothing......AGAIN!!!

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