Wednesday, 16 April 2014

5 Things I'm Feeling

The sun has been shining for several days now and its bloody wonderful. I have such a spring in my step today, so I thought I would hop on over here and share it with whoever is out there. It might have something to do with the sun shining bright, or the fact its a FOUR DAY WEEKEND, or the fact that in less than 24 hours I will once again be in Sweden, reunited with an injured Samuel!!! I am more than excited, can you tell? My poor followers on social media have to endure my countdown to my trips on a monthly basis, can you blame me for being excited though?!

The few days leading up to my visits are always filled with excitement but I'm not gonna lie some of the days/weeks when I get back home to reality can be a little bit of a struggle at times wishing I was back there, with Samuel and close to the coast, but hey, nothing worth having came easy did it? Anyway enough of my rambling, time to get on with this weeks 5 things.

1. Adopting an attitude of gratitude

I've said it before and I'll say it again I love a good self help/discovery read. This week I have been reading all sorts all over the tinterweb and I am trying to adopt a better attitude of gratitude, because lets face it most of us have a lot we can be grateful for. Some of mine? I'm healthy, I have a good job which I enjoy, I am loved, I am able to enjoy weekends with a sister who amuses me greatly, the sun stays out for longer meaning catch ups in the garden with friends and beer, the list could go on but yeah...generally being more appreciative of what I have around me. I also discovered Becoming Who You Are blog written by another Hannah (us Hannah's are pretty awesome), I've got a Skype session with her soon and I'm very much looking forward to it, more on that another time. Moral of the story though, appreciate it or loose it, stay positive and things will work out exactly as they should.

2. Bleach London products

I am a SUCKER for switching my hair up, and so far I've managed to stay the same natural (ish) highlighted blond for nearly 2 years. That, my friends is an almighty achievement....buuuuuuut I have been lured into the products which are now in Boots by Bleach London . I was oh so good though and managed to resist picking up the peach toner (next time) and just went for the Silver Shampoo to get rid of any yellow tones. Using it every other day I think I may have gone slightly overboard and heading towards having fully silver/lilac hair, and I love it!! So much for natural Han.

(please excuse the pervy face)

3. My FIT new shoes

Fit?! I'm not sure where that came from but hey lets go with it. Saw these shoes in next  and knew I had to have them! Payday came and these bad boys were mine. Managed to walk 100 yards in them last night and only slightly stumbled once. That's pretty good going for me. Although super high, resulting in me being about 6'1 when wearing them, I love these babies, now just to train myself to stop walking like a giraffe in them. 

4. Sam Smith

I love this guys voice crazy amounts. He is an insanely talented young lad and I am the proud owner of 3 more tickets to go and see him once again in October. Me and my sister managed to see him a couple of months ago and it was amazing so I was straight on Ticketmaster at 9am last Friday ready to bag myself some more tickets the minute they were released, and I did! Got to admit I did a little dance and holla at my desk with all the excitement. Only 6 months to go. Hopefully though I'll manage to catch him at some of this years music festivals (did I mention that's a perk of my job, going to festivals all summer? oooooh yeah).

5. St Tropez Dark

I'm lazy sometimes, super lazy in fact, especially when it comes to self tanning. I go through phases of being all over it, perma orange and loving life, then I go months and months on end being a nice shade of white. Well having my sister over this past weekend meant that she wanted to tan me up, my pale skin was obviously offending her, and as it meant nothing more than standing there almost starkers, whilst she did all the hard work how could I say no? I'm not a connoisseur of false tan by any means but this stuff was awesome. No dodgy smells, in fact it smelt quite pleasant. No funny reaction, just a perfectly even natural dark tan. You don't have to put half a tonne of the stuff on (the bottle will last ages) for it to do the job, and it didn't ruin my sheets over night. So this is an absolute winner at £28, if you like tanning I would highly recommend it.

Anyway only 13 hours until I begin my journey. What are you lot up to this lovely long weekend?

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