Wednesday, 9 April 2014

5 Things I'm Feeling

It's been a while since I have done one of these, bad blogger!

At the moment there are a few more than 5 things I am feeling. That's a good thing right?!

1. Paolo Nutini

Last week Zane Lowe played 2 tracks each night from Paolo's long awaited new album Caustic Love and I just so happened to be in the car each and every time, and how pleased I was. I have always liked Paolo's music, but this stuff is on a whole new level. It has been over 2 years in the making and you can tell, the songs are incredible and really heartfelt. My particular favourite is Iron Sky which you can check out here. This song is so anthemic, it evokes so many emotions when you listen to it and I love it for that, Better Man is also a lovely song. I'm eagerly anticipating next Monday when the album comes out.

2. Robinsons new SQUASHED bottles

Have you seen these? The tiny weeny bag sized bottles of squash which hold enough to give you up to 20 drinks on the go (this sounds like a sales pitch). I popped one in my shopping basket last week and its come in surprisingly handy. Initially I thought it was a little pricey at £2 but I suppose your paying for the convenience right?

3. Rediscovering Paul Weller

I heard 'You do something to me' last week and it instantly took me back to being a young child and waking up on a Saturday to my dad making coffee and playing this nice and loud downstairs, between that and Eric Clapton playing that was pretty much how I woke up each morning. It's so strange/awesome that music can take you back in an instant to a time gone by so vividly. No matter where I am when I hear Paul Weller I'm reminded of my dad and being really young with no cares in the world which is a pretty nice time to remember. Currently his greatest hits are on repeat on my phone, all day every day! I have such a bad habit of playing music on repeat until I suck the enjoyment out of it and never want to hear about it again.

4. Made in Chelsea being back

OK some people can't stand this programme but it's my guilty pleasure and makes a Monday a little more bearable whilst giving me incredible clothes envy. Can we just take a moment to say that if Alex cheated on Binks he is one hell of a fool.

5. Buying flowers for myself

Something about having a bunch of flowers in my room brightens the place up no end, and when you can grab a lovely bunch from the supermarket on a Sunday night at £1 who can resist?! I never thought I was one for flowers but I can't get enough at the moment and they are now a staple on my weekly shopping list.

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