Monday, 7 April 2014

Love The Town You Live In: Weekend lowdown

'When is your next blog post up Han, your fans miss you'. That was the message I received from my sister this weekend, she may be the only one who potentially reads this and a couple more people from my family but I still feel bad for the neglect. What sort of a blogger am I hey? I've been in a little funk so instead of writing a tirade of down in the dumps stuff I thought I best just leave the blog untouched for the week, but alas I'm back.

This weekend perked me up no end though as I got to spend it in one of the best ways I know, and that's with some of my best friends around me. Not only did I see some great mates but I also tested out another new restaurant where I live, Turtle Bay the hottest Caribbean restaurant in town.

I had heard so much about the place, as you do when a new place opens near where you live, and nearly everyone....and their dog checks in at the place on Facebook, must be fantastic then. However when my best gal pal suggested dinner on Saturday we both knew we should test it out and I'm glad we did.

The place was packed, the food was spicy (even my watermelon Mojito set my mouth on fire) and the atmosphere was great! I think that's a pretty good review. We tried things outside our comfort zone and sipped several cocktails and we both decided we would try the place again, just potentially not on a Saturday when it is absolutely heaving.

After that we went for the obligatory drinks and dances in town and threw the towel in at a reasonable time, are we getting old or what?! Coming home after a night out to her pup Stanley has to be the best way to end an evening. She gets to do it every day but I have to settle for once a week. Who can resist that little face!!!

Waking up feeling fresh (hurrah) meant Sunday was spent catching up with family, buying myself some pretty flowers for my room, and having a movie marathon for one, and now its MONDAY. The weekend seems to have sorted me out. I'm back on the Atkins bandwagon, I'm feeling focused and I'm ready to take on the week. I won't let this miserable weather dampen my mood, and the countdown to my next trip to Sweden has begun. 10 days to go!!! Can you tell I'm excited?

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