Friday, 25 April 2014

Mid Week Puppy Play Dates

Meet Lola, 13 week old cockapoo ball of squishy puppy loveliness, and I got to snuggle with this little cutie for hours last night. What better way to spend a Thursday evening?! I am an absolute dog nut which I've mentioned before in a previous post! I personally think I'm showing unbelievable restraint in the fact I haven't gone out and bought myself my very own fur ball in the year I have lived alone. Forget crazy cat ladies, I'm pretty sure I am a crazy dog lady, I spend hours trawling the tinterweb for cute dog GIFs and then continue to spam all my pals facebook accounts, I have my name picked out for when I do get one, and I have a picture of my friends dog as my desktop background at work. Is that a little odd? I suppose so.

Anyway just look at that face, she was so snuggly and sedate, I wanted to steal her and take her home with me. Meeting Lola was almost too much cute for a Thursday.

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