Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Swedish Easter Through an Iphone

Last Thursday I went on my travels once more to Sweden to spend Easter with the injured (Samuel) and some friends.  I was there for 6 days and boy did we fit a lot in, from BBQ's in a forest, visits to remote islands, movie marathons and rooftop BBQ's the time I spent there was jam packed but I loved every second. I could waffle on for ages, but instead I thought I may as well share some of my pictures from my Iphone instead. It really is a beautiful place, and although saying bye is bloody hard work I really do consider myself lucky to be able to experience these things.....silver linings and all that :)

Rooftop BBQ selfie (of course)

Even with a broken leg we go rambling into woodland

Beautiful scenes from the log cabin 

When everything is so beautiful, you have to play tourist and get the camera out. 

My 'I have such an eye for these things' photo.....

More beautiful scenes from our BBQ in the woodland

Boat tripping to some more remote islands

My 'I've done myself an injury' selfie. 

All in all it was bloody fantastic, I didn't want to come home, but you gotta get back to reality some time. Until next weekend.....

I'd love to know what everyone else got up to over Easter. If you have a blog and read this drop me your links below. 

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