Monday, 28 April 2014

The Power of Hope

Today started the same as most Mondays for me. Recently I have been one of those 'Mondays a bitch' types rather than looking at Monday as a fresh start or giving me a reason for gaining momentum and having a bit of get up and go about me. I have just plodded along feeling somewhat meh!

But this afternoon an email popped into my account which changed my mood COMPLETELY, and had me feeling all hopeful and 'I am the creator of my destiny' like. This mail filled me with hopeful feelings, feelings that my future may take on changes that I had only hoped would happen and that my perseverance may be paying off.

The fact that I had gone from wishing the day over, to feeling really rather chipper and most of all hopeful got me thinking about the power of what it means to have hope.

If we don't have hope we are kind of stagnant as human beings. It's essential for us as to have drive and to have a vision of how we hope our lives to pan out otherwise we wouldn't keep moving, keep striving forward. Having hope is having the drive to believe that you can persevere through challenges however big or small and not let anything get in the way of your goals. If hope could be bottled up and turned into a medicine it would be a powerful drug, with the potential to help so many people overcome dark times. Often, in my experience, it is those without hope who feel the most helpless and uninspired. I think we are all guilty of this at some point or other.

I'm not going to claim that I am ever the optimist, quite the opposite really, sometimes I have weeks where I'm such a defeatist, however much I berate myself for it, but today proved to me that sometimes the smallest things can wholeheartedly affect your being and that's bloody powerful stuff. My email may amount to nothing, but it's important then to replace the feeling of defeat with one of hope for what it was I was pursuing in the first instance, or to shift my focus on something else rather than to dwell on the negatives which will suck the life out of the possibility of maintaining a happy and light sense of being. For me daily affirmations are essetial and for these I go to the Secret, The Happiness Project and many other blogs which can helps.

My dad has a lot to say about the power of hope, I only wish I could remember some of the insightful things he has said to me to write down here, maybe another day, but for now a wise gent Joseph Addison once said....

'Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are, to have something to do, to have something to love and to have something to hope for.' 

Boy wasn't he right!

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