Thursday, 29 May 2014

5 Things I'm Feeling

1. The Power of the Internet!!!

I've always known this thing we call the internet is a powerful thing but I am having first hand experience of just what it can do. I'm connecting with new people, sharing stories and experiences with other bloggers and opening myself up to new experiences and its bloody exciting stuff.

2. Sam Smith - In The Lonely Hour

THIS ALBUM!!!! Good Lord it's a corker. I knew it would be from the minute I went to the show but it has surpassed all my expectations. I've encouraged at least 5 other people to buy the album and I can't wait to see it go to number one on Sunday which I'm sure it will. My two favorites are 'Like I Can' and 'Restart' is particularly good for a little two step in my room whilst I get ready. If you like the powerful way in which Adele wrote 19 & 21 then I'm pretty sure you'll love this album. Go buy it and thank me later.

3. My New Ink

A couple of weeks ago my life flipped itself on it's head and the first thing I wanted to do was head out of my usual space and get on over to London to see my lovely sister. First thing on the agenda was to say F*CK it and go and get a new tattoo that I had wanted for a long time. The results are below, I love it, and I'm booked in on the 24th to have it finished with a beautiful mandala flower surrounding it. Tattoos aren't for everyone I know that, and my dear dad says they are a form of self mutilation on his little girl, but for me, well I love them :)

4. Having an impromptu night out with my 2 bests!!!

The timing could not have been more perfect for a text message to hit my phone telling me that one of my awesome best pals Sophie was coming home for the weekend from London!! Just what I needed when I had nothing much planned. Before I knew it me, Soph, Liv and Jess were headed out for a night out together which was guaranteed to be a good time, it always is with these girls. Turning up before we went out was pretty hilarious, check out us all turning up in denim jackets like a wannabe 90's girl band. Sure we got a couple of confused looks when we headed out but I think we just about pulled it off. As always we had a right laugh, but I paid the price for it the next day where I spent 10 hours in bed instead of in the sunshine....worth it though.

5. My Sister Moving Home

There is a real possibility that my sister may actually be moving nearer to me and we may actually share a flat together in some swanky apartments. This fills me with so much excitement. Don't get me wrong at times it might not be easy, we will inevitably bicker and get on each others nerves at times, but what about all the other cool stuff we can do together?! That's the exciting bit! Gyming together, where Jess can most likely kick my ass into shape, a reliable cinema companion and just someone around when you want to sit and do not very much. I've never lived with a close friend and its been years since I lived with my sister, it will make a change from living on my own and I can't friggin wait. Fingers crossed all goes to plan hey.

That's us right there!


  1. Love this! Loving the new tattoo. I wish I was brave enough to have one done! And YAY for sister bonding! xx

  2. Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the compliment on the tattoo. Yay for sister bonding indeed, I'm sure I will update this space soon enough with the inevitable shinanigans we get up to :) x