Friday, 23 May 2014

The Power of Mindfulness

Life has taken yet another U turn in recent weeks. Another chapter to add to the story of my life. Lessons were learned and good times were had and now I must look to the future. It is the end of him and me and the beginning of my next phase. It hurt, but I'll heal and so I'm back . 

When unexpected change happens in my life I tend to seek out ways of dealing with it proactively in whichever way I can. More recently I have been looking at the power of mindfulness. I read an article in the latest psychologies magazine and stumbled across the Be Mindful website and it really interested me. 

It turns out mindfulness and learning to be more mindful can be an incredibly powerful skill. So much so that some schools in the UK are being encouraged to make time in their curriculum for mindfulness lessons to help children in dealing with the stresses of adult life and exams. Not only that but it has also been approved by the national institute for health and care excellence as a treatment for recurring depression. With all this credit being paid to it, you can see why it is worth investing some time in. 

It can give people more insight into their emotions and feelings, boost their attention and can improve relationships. You know the old saying, you can only be loved once you learn to love yourself? Well I think this is true and I think mindfulness can help you learn about yourself and maybe love yourself a little more. We are surrounded by media telling us to lose weight, not age and strive to be perfect, when actually we are all pretty lovely in our own unique ways. The human brain has evolved for survival, meaning all to often we focus on the negative and on what is wrong with our lives or ourselves in order to protect ourselves. Being mindful should help you focus the mind on the positive. For the short time I have been trying to actively approach this it has certainly helped me. 

How do you become more mindful I hear you ask.....

Well there are loads of tips on the website. Yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and practicing gratitude are just some of the ways. For me.....well I havn't tried yoga yet, but will be in the next two weeks. Instead I've been practicing gratitude, researching meditation and buddhism and looking introspectively at my life. And its working or at least I think it is. 

Research by the Univeristy of Oxford found that by partaking in the be mindful online course you can reduce feelings of anxiety by 58%, depression by 57%, and stress by 40%. Pretty powerful stuff I think you will agree. Everyone could use a little boost every now and then, some more so than others but why not give it a go, I know I'm going to continue my journey, why not join me and tell me how you get on? 

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