Monday, 23 June 2014

When enough really is enough

In the past few months I've done a bit of self exploration. It's dead interesting stuff. You see as I've said before I'm one of those people who likes to look at the bigger picture and my way of doing that is looking at myself for starters.

During this journey it's come to my attention that I am what many therapists would call 'The rescuer'. Constantly seeking to help those who I feel may need help, taking those on the peripheries under my wing, or worrying about the welfare of others before my own and realising that maybe sometimes I could do with a little rescuing, but that doesn't sit comfortably with me. Don't get me wrong, like everyone else I can be a little selfish sometimes but I'm more likely to be supporting someone through something at some time or another, than knowing that I too may need a little TLC.

I am one of those who worries about people opinions of me, and all too often that consumes a large proportion of my daily thoughts. On the daily I worry if I have or am about to offend someone, whether people are talking about me, whether something is going to piss someone off, whether I can cancel those plans because I just don't feel like it, you get the gist!

Well this week I really decided enough is enough. Life isn't a dress rehearsal! Every minute, hour or day I spend worrying about the opinion of others and spending less time concentrating on developing me, I wont get back so I'm really done with it.

I've realised that even those people who you felt would be the closest people to you until you turned old and wrinkly sometimes want no more to do with your life, and that's OK! People come and go, people may like or dislike you but it is just one of those things, and I'm learning to realise that worrying about these things is enough! NO MORE.

No more trying to pull people back into my life who quite clearly don't want to be there.
No more all consuming thoughts of peoples negative opinions of the decisions I make in my life
No more not taking chances in case it doesn't work out 'just so'
No more worrying about the way my entire character has been assassinated on numerous occasions my so called 'friends'


Enough is enough and I'm going to do me, take chances and be the 'yes' person and if you want in on the ride join me, I'm sure there are some exciting times just around the corner.

Oh Donald you wise old Toupeed man.

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