Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Viva Espana

It feels like I have been away for so long!! In actual fact I only went away for a week in sunny old Spain with one of my best girl friends. In an ideal world I would have liked to fill this post with ramblings about all these amazing sights we saw, all the culture we took in, the amazing food and drink but I cant, I've been a neglectful blogger but basically we sat poolside for the entire holiday only leaving to go and eat or drink. And do you know what it was perfect and just what the doctor ordered after the 6 months of ups and downs I have had. A whole week of deciding its OK to have a pint of vodka (apparently that's their single measure....eeeerm) at 11am, it's fine to bail on a night out at 11.30pm when non of the decent bars open until 1am, and its fine to have 3 ice creams per day. That was the sort of time we had and I think I can speak for both of us that it was nothing short of pretty darn brilliant. The only things I can share with you are a few snaps of our time away. As ever mainly a selfie or two, and a few pretty good outfits courtesy of Primark.
Hope you have all had a good couple of weeks whilst I have been absent. Now back to reality and the very daunting prospect of starting my new venture in 2 weeks :)

As we all know, over in Europe a single measure really isn't a single....I wasn't complaining though.

This awesome shift dress along with the necklace is courtesy of Primark. The whole outfit is under £10 CHEAP!!!

Made a pal abroad, meet Gordon, he was lost.....and oh so cute!

Easy messy holiday hair, no one needs to see my hair vs humidity really

Hot dogs or legs........standard

Me and the wonderful best pal who kept me company all hols

Beach side Mojitos

These snappy trousers were also from Primark....they really have some great bargains in at the mo

Spent pretty much all our time next to the worlds coldest pool 

When you order prawns don't expect ANY SIDES but you will get a ketchup garnish 

Another Primark special, this skirt is pretty ace, sits high and is even long enough for me at 5'8

Dinner views

Single Vodka at 11am anyone......perfectly acceptable

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