Thursday, 14 August 2014

I've well and truly disappeared

I’ve well and truly disappeared. I am aware of this. I have a new job, and not only is it sucking all my time, its also sucking all my energy. But in a good way! I was so ready for this challenge and it's what I hoped for and more, it does however mean that one of the last things I want to do when I get home is continue to sit and type on a computer. I will tackle this. I’ve decided posting through my Ipad on the go, micro blogging that happenings of Han as they happen might be the way.

There have been some exciting developments since I’ve been absent though......little breakdown for you?

I bought a new car....I mean brand SPANKING new, and I’m so excited! My current car just fails me at all the wrong times, and no amount of roadside assistance will make me think keeping the darn thing is worth it, even if I have almost finished financing it!

I’ve met a lovely new chap, pretty exciting stuff, so watch this space....

My sister moves in with me in 2 weeks so deeps cleans, broadband set up and all that other adult stuff has begun.

I booked Paolo Nutini tickets so he can swoon me in November

I'll come back to this little space soon.......promise.
I would say stay up to date on twitter, but I'm not really on there either any more.

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