Thursday, 23 October 2014

Oxford - Birthday Part 2

After a fun packed day in London, I had booked for me and him to head to Oxford to spend the weekend. My favorite place in the UK I have visited so far is definitely York so I thought I would give Oxford a go for our getaway as I thought there might be just as much to see there. Although we had a lovely weekend away, York well and truly has my heart and Oxford just wasn't a patch on it. Between the tons of tourists, the students and the lack of boutique shops, it just wasn't my favorite place although there really are some lovely buildings about. We tackled the horrendous weather, and I managed to snap a few images and we still had a lovely time, and found a few nice places to grab a swift pint, oh and a pasty!
One thing I will say though is that we had one of the best meals in the most romantic of settings at The Oxford Arms I'm definitely going to head back there.

Excited Birthday Girl touched down in Oxford

He clearly wanted the cake! 

Cheeky Pasty which was actually hotter than hell!!

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