Sunday, 12 October 2014

Pies, Puppies and quiet weekends

This weekend has been just what the doctor ordered, quiet and relaxed with a few funnies in between. We've spent the weekend over at the Scottish's house, one of my favourite places surrounded by pooches and lots of home cooked food. We've washed my car (he washed, I watched) walking the pooches, or at least attempted to; baked a pie and watched hours of rubbish TV. The pics below pretty much sum the weekend up nicely.

Scottish has been ill all weekend but powered through, all that means though is that I'm pretty much guaranteed to be poorly over my birthday, he won't hear the end of it if I am! 3 days at work and 6 days to go until I'm 26 years young.

As for the pics, I've only had my camera for 4 days but I'm trying to get to grips with it so have used the weekend to learn and experiment with it's settings and the images below are a few that I thought were pretty good.

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