Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Pumpkin Carving - Beards In Arms

A disclaimer comes with this post and that is that I seriously lack creative skills but I tackle these things with the best intentions....does it actually look like a beard in the end?!

Last weekend me and the beardy one had a pretty lovely weekend and along the way picked up the most ginormous pumpkin along the way. I've never been one for Halloween myself, probably due to the fact I don't have kids, I don' revel in watching horror films (I'm more of a talk all the way through and hide behind the bed sheets type), I've never been to a Halloween party and I've never lived anywhere there are trick or treaters nocking at the door. But this year I thought it would be a bit of a laff to carve one out for the beardy ones beard oil business Beards In Arms.

I'll admit I'm not convinced with how it turned out but it passed an hour or two and was a bit of fun on  a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

I have seen some amazing carving skills out there but to be honest in my eyes life is just too short.

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