Monday, 15 December 2014

Music Review: Lewis Watson - Oxford

Last Thursday I had the absolute pleasure of going to see LewisWatson perform at Barnabas Church in Oxford. It was an absolutely brilliant day from start to finish. From seamless parking using the Oxford Park and Ride service, a first for me, to a delicious Nando’s before the gig.

I first heard of Lewis Watson about a year ago, and to be perfectly honest I can’t quite remember how I came across his music but since that day I haven’t stopped listening to his music, and luckily for me the bearded one surprised me with a couple of tickets so we could go and experience his true talent in person.

This year I have been fortunate enough to see some real British talent perform at gigs and Lewis Watson was right up there with one of my favourites. The performance was held in a beautiful church in the depths of Oxford City Centre. It really was the most idyllic spot for this type of poetic music, hard to believe a young guy of just 22 can write such music and sing it with such sincerity! Not only was the church a beautiful spot for such an affair but as you can imagine the acoustics were amazing and the intimacy of the gig was just perfect. I kind of felt like I was in the middle of a private doo for his family and friends, because they all seemed to be there. It really felt quite special to be there listening to this amazing performance.

Lewis’s vocals were absolutely flawless, I’m not sure what I expected, but I was blown away. This was the last of his shows for the year, but if you get a chance to see him grab it with both hands. I know I will be keeping a close eye on when I can next go to one of his gigs.

If you haven’t heard his music and sincere lyrics from a singer song writer are your thing then check out one of my favourite tracks below. 


  1. I always love to find new music. From your description, he surely sounds amazing! Definitely going to check him out right now. Thanks for sharing, btw! :)

  2. I hope you did check him out Yuni he is a real talent. :)