Friday, 30 January 2015

A flakey issue...the realities of living with dry skin

The blog title sounds gross right? Well it may well make you pull a little face, but for many people like me, living with the perils of having dry skin is a very real issue.

Dry skin can come in all sorts of forms, and as a result there is a whole world out there of products promising to rid you of the pesky flake.

I'm coming at this from someone who has a mild/medium problem with dry skin, hair and nails and I want share a few things I have found help. Below is a little round up of problem areas and products which I have found help.


You know that type of dry skin when you wear foundation and it almost looks patchy? a flaky nose which makes you look like you've been blowing it too much. Well every now and then I have that, especially in the winter due to central heating sucking the life out of my skin.
Top Tip: pop a bowl of water under your radiator when it's on. It will stop the air being so dry. Don't know if its an old wives tale but seems to work.
If you want something a little more reliable and also want to banish the wrinkles at the same time try this Olay Firm & Lift duo. I had a serious case of flake face last week and after popping this on before bed I was flake free by the AM.


It's been said before that I have the hands of an OAP. For some reason they are far wrinklier (not even a word I know) than the average Jo. I put this down to the fact they are so dry, I literally couldnt muster up a sweaty palm in 40deg heat. Some of you may be jealous at that, the girl who can't get clammy hands, but actually I can such bad weather sores and hang nails. My solution....Palmers Concentrated Cream for Hands, FEet, Elbows or Knees. It's a handbag essential in this cold weather, and goes far for no more than £3 a tube. 


When it comes to dry skin you should probably think that you need to concentrate on what's going into you as much as what you put on the outside of you if you get me. I suffer dry skin down my sides and in the inside of my elbows. Let me tell you this causes major issues if you want to wear some fake tan, you end up looking like you tanned with your eyes closed. Tan just seems to absorb into those areas creating a tan patchwork if you will. For tackling every day dry skin head to toe I use Palmers again, and if you don't like the smell you can get it scent free. It really will see you flake free in no time. 
Top Tip: nourish from the inside out with cod liver oil daily supplements or evening primrose, both help with skin hair and nails. 

these are guaranteed to banish your flaky problem, but I'm always open to suggestions so please, if you have any other products or tips wing them my way in the comments below. 

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