Monday, 12 January 2015

Are you a social oversharer?

Working in social media means that you never really get to disconnect. I have to keep my finger on the pulse at all times and often neglect my own channels in order to focus on the day to day and what pays the bills, the accounts I work on.

However I do pride myself on keeping a careful eye on social media news, and today I came about this article on The Drum about the regret felt by the Parisian responsible for posting the murder of the  Parisian police officer carried out during the terrible events of last week.

Turns out the person in question posted the footage on their personal Facebook account and swiftly deleted it 15 minutes later deciding that it was inappropriate, however as the fast paced world of social media would have it it had already been picked up by hundreds of thousands, and the damage was already done, the footage had spread like social media wildfire.

It made me think about when we feel we should, and when we feel we shouldn't post something for the world to see. How do we decide when it might be crossing the line? And indeed who deicdes where that line is? And what is it that helps us inform our decisions? Is it our own moral compass or should there be stricter guidelines when it comes to events such as this?

I personally think that as social media has evolved we feel the need to share more and more but are we crossing the line when we decide to share the ending of someone's life? I certainly don't think I would have shared this but I can also see why this person did it in the first place, as a warning and to show people what exactly was happening, but there was probably a better way in which to do this.

Either way I feel sorry for the person who posted it originally they're not proud of their actions but are they really to blame when this type of social over sharing is becoming the norm?

What are your thoughts? How do you decide what to and not to post?

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