Monday, 26 January 2015

Weight loss motivation and tips

So I'm a good 3 and a half weeks into my healthier lifestyle. I'm refusing to use the word diet, because it's not, it's a step change in the way I approach my fitness and health. I thought I would give you a little update, not in terms of giving myself a huge high 5 from inches and lbs lost but more a little update in terms of things I find are helping me and if your on a similar kind of journey, might help you too.

1. Surround yourself with cheerleaders

I'm not short of having some amazing people around me, and I really do have some cheerleaders spurring me on when I feel like diving 6 ft into a bath of doughnuts (hhhmmmmm   Douuuuugghhhhhnuttttts), and do you know what it helps so much!!  Having a support network is essential when your trying to make changes in your life. You don't need people who pull you up constantly when you swap a celery stick for a pack of crisps, you need people who give you a high 5 when you reach your goals and give you a little pick me up when your crying due to McDonald's withdrawals (the pain is real) :P

2. Take to Instagram

Social media can be a cruel place full of trolls, but do you know what, Instagram is also so full of weight loss and fitness support it's untrue. There are so many inspiring people on there, all on the same journey. I find it helps when I find my hand gravitating towards the second bag of Maltesers. I'm following the Slimming World way and there are tones of us on there, just search some of these tags #SW #SWUK #Slimmingworld #Slimmingworlduk If you follow me you'll see pics like this....

3. Become a foodie

Being on this journey has helped me become more comfortable with cooking, and a little more patient. Anyone who knows me will know that I usually serve food under cooked, cold, al dente or pure and simply undercooked because I'm impatient as hell. But now, in fear of living off beans, eggs and toast, I now cook a lot more and I'm always seeking out new foods and recipes. I'm a massive chewy sweet fan but I'm now looking for healthier alternatives, as a result I found these beauties. Fruit buttons, like jelly tots only better for you, so yummy and under 50 cals. Top tip....when doing the weekly shop, take time, look at labels, and don't forget low fat doesn't always mean low sugar.

4. Join a great gym 

I've never been a huge gym bunny, and I'm still not by any means, but I do find myself wanting to go daily, and If I don't go I feel at a bit of a loss. I put this down to the fact my gym is pretty awesome. It's big enough to not have to wait for machines, I don't know anyone there so I don't feel self concious and it has every piece of kit under the sun. If you're somewhere not so great why not go on a search for the best in your area that's affordable to you, request a few free passes and give them a trial. Find somewhere that makes you comfortable enough to not have your eyebrows pencilled in ;P that's how you know it's the one.

5. Don't compare yourself 

This is a little note to self really. I constantly compare myself to my fellow Sw'ers and people on the same journey as me, and do you know what it gets me nowhere and won't get you anywhere either. Everyone is different, no two journeys are the same. Cheer people on when they reach their goals but don't beat yourself up because you haven't reached yours. Comparison is the thief of Joy. Live in the moment, appreciate how far you have come and take one day at a time.

I could go on forever but I won't. I've dropped a few inches, I've lost a few pounds, but do you know what's the best thing, I feel more in control of my body and state of mind than ever and I'm so much happier in myself.

Anyone on this journey with me and have any tips?

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