Monday, 23 February 2015

Love where you live: Weekend addition - The Clarendon

The past couple of weeks we have had my dad to stay. It's been nice and as always has involved a lot of eating out, because, well that's what me and my dad do. So this Saturday whilst nursing a rather sore head and leg (I didn't fall off a table dancing or anything...oh the shame) from too much fun on Friday night, I knew what would fix it straight away and that was a trip to my favourite local pub in Leamington Spa called The Clarendon. It is my ultimate fave place for good eats and a nice relaxed atmosphere. The menu goes from beast sized burgers, to Mexican soul food and your pretty much guaranteed to like whatever you choose on the menu. Me myself am crazy about Mexican food, it's top of the list, I went for a wet burrito with beef rib, and dad that gigantic burger.

If you ever visit Warwickshire for the castles, Shakespeare and everything in between that we have to offer, I would definitely say it's worth a visit and a chow down. And to boot they put on some brilliant nights, always sure to be a fun time with a really nice older crowd (not wrinkly old, like just about got our shit together old, you know 25-65). Oh and if anyone is a red dwarf fan, Craig Charles is a resident DJ and at £8 a ticket it's a bloody good night. So the foods great, the staff are super friendly,the decor is spot on, the crowd is decent and the nights are fantastic, what's not to love?

Anyway have I sold this place to you enough? This post is not endorsed at all, I just decided where I live there are some great places to eat and drink so thought what better to do then shout about it on here. As for our meals both went down all too well and fixed me right up for the day ahead of shopping and catching up with my girls and lots of puppies. Overall a pretty lovely weekend.

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