Sunday, 8 March 2015

5 Reasons To Love Spring

I have absolutely loved the last couple of days and it got me thinking about all the reasons to love Spring.

1. It's ever so slightly warmer, you can take off that extra layer and not shiver to death.

2. It stays lighter later. Leaving work when it's still light is so much better and makes such a difference to the working day. I'm more likely to feel like doing something after work then I was in the depths of winter.

3. The flowers are starting to bloom and the Tulips are coming. I absolutely love seeing the flowers begin to bloom on the sides of the roads. I love that you can buy daffs and Tulips in the shops. Basically I love flowers and watching the colours come back to the trees.

4. Bird song is back. What better way to rouse naturally on the weekend then hearing the beautiful chirp of birds. Makes waking up that little bit more bearable.

5. Spring is hot cross bun time. How much I love those spicey, currenty little buns. Oh and not forgetting Marks and Spencer's chocolate version, the ultimate naughty little treat.

All in all I'm feeling the benefits of Spring, it's quite literally given me a much needed spring in my step.

What do you love about spring?

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