Friday, 13 March 2015

The best ways to deal with the unexpected

This month I have had all sorts of unexpected things, expenses and events pop up. It was starting to get on top of me and effect how I felt about things, so I decided to take stock and think about things we can all do to help us deal with the unexpected a little better. And by unexpected I mean, a break-up (had a few of those), breaking your favourite item (and those), breaking a limb (not quite those), you know the kind of stuff I mean, the stuff you just can't plan for.

Acknowledge and Accept

Part of the issue with being able to deal with the unexpected is learning to acknowledge that things will crop up, this month, next month, next year. Unexpected events happen all the time be them good or bad, but getting your head around the issue that it's not going the first time, and probably isn't going to be the last time these things happen, should help you better manage these things when they do crop up. 

Work on your attitude

Working on having a positive mental attitude (PMA) works wonders in everyday life. I'm not sat here on a soap box thinking I have my sh*t together because I don't but it's something I'm working on. If you work on having a PMA then you are more likely to be able to tackle the unexpected head on without feeling swamped by it. 

Always have a backup 

Not in the, double book your friends way. No no no, no one likes a flakey mate. This really refers to things like, if you have a job interview and don't get it. Have a plan about where you will go from there, how you will approach the job your currently in. Have an alternative idea of how you will go about things if your first plan doesn't come together. 

Take initiative

Often dealing with the unexpected can throw us off of our normal way of going about things, and can negatively affect the way we feel about things. One day your feeling fine, then BAM! What can you do? Well you can introduce small changes in the way you do things, this should help you cope more easily with surprises and make you feel like your in the driving seat and in control of your situation. 
If you used to hang out with someone every weekend but that chapter has come to an end, book up your diary full of other things to take your mind of that missing person, work on a new project etc etc. 

and finally....

Take 5

Good things, and bad things creep up on us every now and then, but we tend to only concentrate on the negative. Well let's stop doing that. Take a step back, look at the bigger picture and re-focus on what's important (note to self, when your phone screen smashes, it really isn't the end of the world). 

I hope at least someone gained something from this little post. 

How do you deal with the unexpected?

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