Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The recipe to live into your 90's

Last week was a week full of celebrating my wonderful Grandma's 90th birthday. I mean 90! Can you believe it, she looks bloody fantastic for it I'm sure you'll agree. We went out for an amazing meal at a local Lovely Pub (more about that later) and mum put on one hell of a spread (as always) over the weekend. All in all a lovely time, and a great excuse to gain 4lbs in one week :P

When I asked Grandma what her recipe was in living to 90 and far beyond I'm sure as she is fit as a fiddle......her answer ALCOHOL. What a woman hey! She said starting the day with a sherry, then moving on to the red, and then whatever else tickles your fancy at each meal, in moderation, is how she has reached such an age. So you heard it here, drink up and you'll live just as long :) Here's hoping anyway.

It's got me thinking about what I want to achieve before I'm 90, so I'm sure there is a list coming up. What would be on your bucket list?


  1. Not what I was expecting, but this was quite a cute little post.
    Certainly going to be taking your grandmother's advice - she looks fantastic for 90!


    1. Ah thanks :)
      She does doesnt she, I too will take her advice

      Thanks Mark