Monday, 29 June 2015

Keep it vibrant: Best products for bleached hair

Anyone who has bleached hair will know it's a job in itself to both try and maintain some sort of health to your ultra processed mane of hair, but to also keep the dreaded yellow at bay to have that lust after white hair. And if your not quite there yet, but considering going bleach blonde these items should definitely be considered on your shopping list of items to keep that new do looking fresh.

Starting from the right, it was only 2 weeks ago that I was introduced to the amazing Evo Fabuloso colour intensifying conditioner, having walked in the salon to meet my mum and being drawn to the shelves of products, lusting after pretty much everything. I was told how great this was to give that shimmery silver tone to bleached hair, but not only that how great it was at conditioning. I completely agree with the conditioning part, although in the shower it doesn't feel that intense and rich, when drying I could really feel a difference in the smoothness of my hair. As for the toning element, it no doubt freshened my colour but if your after a real silver/violet colour like me then you might just love the Fudge shampoo on the right.

This shampoo is the bees knees, let me tell you. It is the holy grail of products to keep your hair vibrant. I use this about twice per week and even then am in danger of having completely violet hair, so use with caution. The colour is so intense I strongly recommend using gloves and leaving on for no more than a couple of minutes. The entire bottle lasts me a couple of months and its a bargain at £8.96 direct from the site. I also strongly recommend a good conditioner to team with this as it is quite drying whilst hair is wet, but that's beside the point because apart form that it's bloody amazing.

Now I've given you the tips and tricks for the colour, my go to products if you will, how about keeping that hair on your head and preventing the whole lot snapping off? Well firstly take your supplements, good old cod liver oil, or skin hair and nails supplements should help. Along with that, very little heat processing and washing, but also this little bottle of greatness, Redken Extreme Cat. A protein reconstructor which you leave on in the shower between your shampoo and conditioner, it definitely helps with the problem of chewing gum like extreme loss of elasticity.

These 3 products are always on the shopping list, I don't want mediocre, OK looking bleached hair, I want white/silver, vibrant strong locks and these 3 help me get somewhere near that. Do you have bleached hair? I'd love any recommendations anyone has, pop them in the comments below.

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