Tuesday, 28 July 2015

5 feels from my first ever SPIN class

So I'm still on it, clinging to an ounce of motivation to keep trying new things at the gym, and last week I tried SPIN class for the first time. I write SPIN in capitals to emphasise how bloody shocked I am that I even considered it. I say considered but basically I caved to immense peer pressure.
Essentially though the purpose of this post is to share with you 5 very real feels from my experience because lets just say it was intense to say the least, and I feel if you're ever going to put yourself in this situation there are a few things you should know.

1: Sheer panic

No jokes, being in body pump and knowing that within the next hour I was heading to my first ever spin class basically gave me the most intense stomach cramps. You know the kind where your so god damn nervous your stomach cramps up and is basically telling you what you are about to is lunatic and giving you as many signs as possible not to do it. Whilst thinking

"Where is the nearest god damn toilet when you need it?! I vowed I would never do this to myself, so why the hell have I signed up to this craziness?"

2: These people are lunatics

I already thought those who attended spin classes were crazy, I mean who wants to peddle like your ass is on fire voluntary? But seeing these people on mass when I got to the class and negotiating how I was going to get my body through the crazy small spaces between the bikes to find the lone bike at the back of the class didn't do anything for my anxiety! I felt bad for the poor bloke sat next to me, he was sure to share some sweat with me in this class I was practically sat on his lap.

"Groups of people scare me! Groups of people, wearing special shoes, peddling like their lives depend on it scare me even more."

3: I'm not cut out for adjusting the bike let alone completing this class 

Who knew that this class involved more than peddling like a crazy hey? You actually need to adjust the bike to meet your hight. But who to ask without them thinking I was an utter fool?! Turns out doing this is a task in itself. And getting my feet into those peddles, well that was a workout in itself whilst trying not to fall into a ball on the floor.

"I'm too unfit for this, I'm going to be laughed at. I'm going to fall off. My ass is so big you can't even see the bike seat. Oh.my.god the seat is so small and hard....my vagina is actually going to break by the end of this!"

4: Is it actually normal to sweat this much?

I knew the class was intense and I knew I wasn't cut out for it like everyone else there but I gave it my damnedest but my god did I sweat. I literally sweat from every inch of my being, even my flippin hands? Is that even normal? That can't be normal. Clearly working too hard!

"Must. stop. now. Must not slip on the pile of sweat I have left on the floor. Must bring 15 towels next time!"

5: Utter self respect 

I did it!!! It may have been the most exhausting 45 mins of my life but I bloody well did it! And do you know what it felt flippin amazing. Bodies are interesting old things and somehow mine helped me complete this crazy class. Although pretty much all of it was torture, like the entire 45 minutes I was questioning how sane I was and how I ever put myself in the situation crossed my mind, but once it was over I felt great. I felt more sass than Beyonce and I knew I was going to do it again, because it has the effect that all exercise has on you. It's torture during but makes you feel like a champ when you finish!

"I made it!! I wont be able to sit down tomorrow, but I made it! Oh shit, I have to get down a flight of stairs but I can't actually feel my legs!"

I look back and laugh, pretty much all of those things still go through my head when I go now, but I know that somehow I will make it through. And at the end of the day when I get off the bike I wanna do a happy dance. Basically like this!

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